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Away Magazine (Words and Pictures)

ONE VISIT to Canada's north and you'll be hooked. I've been back twice now and would gladly drop everthing to visit again. Away Magazine ran my story and images from my last visit for the Dawson City Music Festival (the smallest music fest with the biggest heart) - it's in their summer edition, available at Pearson Toronto Airport.

Zoomer magazine, Prince Edward County (Photography)

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Prince Edward County. Here's a shot (main image) I took for Zoomer magazine to promote Wellington.

Sam Roberts Band (Photography)

I jumped off a dock, Sam Roberts jumped off a stage. I'd call it about even this long weekend. (Thanks to the band for hosting a great after party; the perfect end to a heat wave...and summer itself.)

Rethink Breast Cancer Benefit (Design)

Concert poster for the incomparably talented Norman Blake and Joe Pernice.

Roger Lion (Photography)

There are those albums that you just can hardly wait for, and Roger Lion is one of them. The Joe Pernice and Budo collaboration has been getting lots of ink in the lead up to their September release, amoung them Stereogum and the Wall Street Journal. It's merely a happy coincidence that I shot the portrait of Joe Pernice in Toronto (paired with a shot of Budo taken in Seattle), I'd be adding the album to my collection anyways. Perorder link here.

Metro Campaign (Design)

From eight-page gatefolds to two-page spreads, from stock to shooting images, from print to digital, this multiphase campaign kept us (and our readers!) hungry for fresh ingredients from Metro all year long.

Gojilatte on the west coast! (Design and Photography)

Gojilatte launched in Vancouver - and I shot and designed a few new promos to help celebrate.

Gojiccino (Design)

My friends at Gojiccino are expanding again - you can find their line of delicious gojiberry-based drinks in cafes across Toronto and in New York. I've been thrilled to work on their branding / photography since my first sip of the Gojiccino latte (It's the only thing that competes with coffee in my world.) Congrats guys!

Florida (Words and Pictures)

My story on family travel to Florida is on Canadian Family's website. Wonderful to discover that there's so much more to Florida than the mouse.

The Flavour Principle (Photoshoot Art Direction)

Lucy Waverman and Beppi Crosariol won this year's Taste Canada award for best cookbook with The Flavour Principle, published by Harper Collins. I'm proud to have been part of the team on this delicious project! (On-set photography art direction and photographer/stylist recruiter).

Covet Garden, redux (More Press)

Another kind post by Covet Garden about my growing art collection.

Maclean's Colleges Guide 2017 (Art Direction)

Covet Garden (Press)

My friends at Covet Garden have run a sweet article about my little loft today. If you have a minute, please visit and show them some love (and if you have more than a minute, dig through their archives - they've profiled incredible spaces over the years that are truly covetable.)

Chatelaine (Photography)

Pick up the french edition of Chatelaine (or read it on Texture) and you'll see some of my shots from a recent trip to Italy. Thanks Chatelaine!

Toronto Pearson: Away Magazine (Art Direction)

Travel assignments - even ones that don't leave the city - count me in. I joined the talented team at St Joesph Media for the first-edition launch as Art Director. Editorial Director, Maryam Sanati. Creative Director, Una Janicijevic. Photo Editor, Liz Ikiriko. (More sample pages in portfolio, above cover by Una Janicijevic, illustration by Fumio Watanabe, icons throughout by Doublenaut).